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Life Lines | A guide to life in poetry by writer Simon Mack
Life Lines

New 2024 release

‘Life Lines’ is an collection of poems by internationally published author & journalist Simon Mack. An anthology journey through contemporary reality encompassing mental health, social media, modern society & culture, passing, loss, autism, gluttony, the environment, consumerism & wherever your mind may wander as you read. With an inspirational intention to shed light on fresh angles in today's world.

Reading 'Life Lines' embarks you upon an alternative journey through modern culture, evoking feelings and challenging today's norms. 

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Witness to the Shadows

We all see the shadows.
Some court the submergence of the shade and others choose to shine a torch into their murkier voids and push them beyond. This exploration of the depths is a selection of poetry derived of the darker tones of existence. A purgative cleansing of the dust that is blown into the musty corners of our lives. If order to bask in the full glare of bright honest radiance must we dredge the scowling depths and process what the clunking buckets throw up? Meander with me through the deep crevices of being… what will become when the undergrowth clears?

Witness to the Shadows | Poetry Book by Simon Mack
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Borders | Poetry Book by Simon Mack

Borders will be the 3rd instalment of contemporary poetry by Simon Mack. Scheduled for release in late 2024 the book will further explore life's emotions and experiences, and delve into the boundaries that both we set on ourselves, and life delivers to us.

Borders intends to display humour, challenge and absurdity in a graffiti strewn scrawl across the walls of today.

We'll keep you updated on the release of borders later in the year.

Coming Soon
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