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Life Lines

A guide to modern life in poetry
Contemporary Poetic observances of today's society
Life Lines | A guide to life in modern poetry by writer Simon Mack
My Story

An internationally published journalist & poet born & raised in London. I write edgy, contemporary & absurd creative pieces for the interpretation & entertainment of others.

I've worked for publications such as The Huffington Post & the NME, along with numerous charitable organisations including Ambitious About Autism & The Pauline Quirke Academy.

I most enjoy writing thought provoking pieces taken of a moment or observation in an abstract manner, leaving the reader to use, interpret or take solace in as they desire.

The whiff of scent from an experience wafts along an avenue of creative possibilities. No matter how negative, regardless of the pleasure, a shoot from branch is sometimes grown. 

I like to cultivate the shoots, nurture them and quietly deliver them artistically in written form.

My story is an irrelevance in the face of the exploration of each person who reads and takes value, inspiration, serenity or refreshment from my works. 

My Books

Life Lines

Witness to the Shadows


My Books

"Ohhhhh, wow! That book is raw, brutally honest and fearless. Not for the faint hearted or feeble minded. That book should be consumed on a daily basis but it took my breathe away and I binge read. Great job, a big flipping bird salute to society and social culture. Amazing."


***** 5 Stars


Life Lines Reader

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As an independent author I don't get paid by a publisher or patron. If you like what I do you can help me by:

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