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Is Poetry Cool? A Discussion

Updated: Feb 16

Poetry has been used by the human race since at least prehistoric times to express thought, feeling or emotion, inspire others and as an artistic form.

In today's instant digital / social media world where does poetry sit? Is it cool to write poetry? And how do I become a poet?

I'm Simon Mack a Poet, Author & journalist, and for over 30 years I've been writing. Here is my take on poetry within modern society.

Consumption of media is at a level that can never have been witnessed by humanity before.

That little computer you carry around in your back pocket is a media miracle that delivers words & video to your brain in an instant, yet within a media revolution now some 20 years and more in existence poetry has never really been considered mainstream or 'cool' within modern culture. But why?

It would be easy to be cynical in my answer to this question! So I'll do my best to remain as balanced as I can and do my best to tread a level tightrope through this discussion... Bear with me!

Poetry is art with words. Delivering a sentiment or provocation to action or thought. it encourages questions, and a change of perspective. Whether you agree with the author or not the purpose of poetry is to provide inspiration, and whether the result derision, anger, pleasure or excitement the outcome can be profound.

For poets words are the building blocks to an artistic culmination. Just as a painter adds layers, texture, light, form & scope to their work with paints a poet does the same with words.

This process in my experience starts from a natural genesis of inspiration both positive and negative in mode, and the outcome in my opinion can be incredibly cool.

The lack of breadth in mainstream poetry consumption in western culture is in my opinion largely because the genre is perceived as being the exclusive domain of intellectuals and a certain demographic or class of humanity. In addition styles of poetry can seem detached from today's society & it's instant appetite for gratification.

There are poets out there (like me I hope) that are motivated to comment on life today in a manner & language that is also of now. Whilst poetry is art with words the over elaboration in use of vocabulary can leave the reading audience perplexed by poetry, and I feel that a lot of the genre has not moved itself in line with both the mediums at play & and the tone of it's audience.

So Simon get to the point... Is poetry cool?

Absolutely yes!

Expression is sub zero cool & poetry is an incredible medium to express yourself within.

Scribbling away with a pen might be something that is becoming less necessary with devices abound, but why not use those devices to write poetry?

Capture the moment and tell your truth. Inspire others to read, think and open their mind to explorations that have never been a notion to them before.

I sincerely believe that in a society where there is rejection, frustration, unhappiness, poverty, strife, health challenges, a mental health tsunami & the marching force of AI expression of human emotion & notion through poetry will become both hugely relevant & mainstream desired to a greater degree in the years to come.

And it will take inspirational souls to grasp their device and tap their creative impulses into this world to assist the continued proud human legacy of poets and poetry.

So I implore you all....

If you have creative urge explore words as your vent.

Don't worry about the format, the style or anything else an 'expert' tries to shackle you with.

Be you, be free, be innovative and be part of the new poetry revolution that will drive poetry to a bright generation & future.

So many today dream of singing, acting, being a footballer or an influencer. Why not become the ultimate 'influencer'.... the new Homer, the new Burns, the new Byron.... the new YOU!

All of the great poets of the past gave creative prose to their era, and whilst that might seem a million miles away from today there is the hunger within humanity for a voice of now.

And that is pretty cool no!?

Thanks for reading

Simon Mack

Simon is an independent poet & writer who publishes works on his website for free and sells books via the Amazon platform himself. He is not paid by a publisher or affiliated to any organisation. You can help Simon remain independent & keep writing & eating by:

Is Poetry Cool? | By writer Simon Mack

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