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Awakening: A poem of breaking free

Updated: Feb 16

And so it was that the system had broken me

Fragmented into unrecognisable pieces

No longer able to function


Dank dusky darkness of conformity yielding to a focussed light of awakened purpose

Never to be locked deep in the bondage of routine again.


I have demanded my liberty

Broken free from the shackles of mundane ritual

That lead only to the greater wealth of those who already have too much

Free will to construct my own formulation of purpose into one far more worthy of existence.


The Grind had shattered me to my very core

A mind-numbing formulation of pointless actions I neither believed in or respected

You considered me an expendable object of function

No care that you dragged me to the verge of my own self destruction

As long as I met your sky-scraping targets…


And If I did not?

A scrap heap awaited in favour of another 'Machine' to the slaughter.


Extraction from your Merry-go-round a lifesaving mercy

Loyalty defective

Motivation pulverized

At my lowest moment you kicked me where it hurt the most

Offered no caring hand to raise me from the fall

To regain my feet

To be of your purpose again

Even to your benefit not a notion of concern

I am unable to dance your tune any longer.


Around are the pieces of my being

Strewn to shadowy corners… Some beyond my reach







Seemingly so scattered I'll never bond them together in a coherent fashion

Crawling and scratching at the murky corners of my desolation

Left to fester in my own stench of paranoia

I am not so easily ruined.


To my knees

Peering for a crevice

To focus

Gathering my broken entity

A collection crumpled

Jagged bits and bobs

A puzzle of rekindle

Assisted by kinder souls

Fresh winds

Re-educations crawl

A scholarship in self-value

Each day… better.


From this day forward contribution

No longer a toil for aims of greed…



That smothering destructive clasp…


A verse of warning to all those who care to look up


Escape the trudge

Pole vault the system.


©Simon Mack 2014

Simon Mack's comments:

When your mind whisps to a life of 'better' what do you do to enact the change? We all get one go, and each moment lost to the corruption of the system leaves us unable to free our minds and direct hope, dreams & happiness into ourselves & each other. Will you re build your puzzle?

Awakening | A poem of freedom by writer Simon Mack

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