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A Pain Shared: A poem of empathy

Updated: Feb 16

I understand your pain

How it evokes your brain

To travel darkened vein

Evoking thoughts membrane.


A tissue bristled lost

No thought distraction’s cost

To play pains quibble tossed

Determine idles crossed.


I wake I want to sleep

I move I quiet weep

The damage worsens creep

On high I look off leap.


Spiral below the norm

Sub-zero life’s up warm

No understanding form

My body’s bend deform.


Medication given rife

Occupies my life

Another illness strife

Situation’s cycle rife.


As smiling face defy

Inevitable deny

To those my heart I fly

Together not goodbye.

Simon Mack © 2017

Simon's comments:

Those who suffer without obvious affliction suffer more. This piece empathises with those who toil each day with issues of mental & physical nature. Yet who knows and whom takes the time to listen & understand?

A pain shared | A poem of empathy in secret struggles by writer Simon Mack

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