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A1: An Autistic Life Poem

Updated: Feb 16

I've just lined my pens up in a neat tidy row

The ends all together and divided just so

My papers stacked neatly I'm ready for lunch

This afternoon's duties placed in orderly bunch.


The canteen at work can be quite a bind

Loud noise and commotion with odd smells I find

I'll pop to the café and find quiet corner

Away from the hustle he knows what I order.


Eating old favourite of sausage and chips

The fries are the right size in uniform strips

I like them with ketchup only from glass bottle

Plastic ones squelchy with filthy clogged nozzle.


My meal ate in order chips first then a banger

I square off cutlery and tick off task planner

Return’s walk of admiration in drains neat order

Equal stones sunk around to form tidy border.


The clock fast approaching my time to resume

I pass friendly colleague off to lunch I assume

She smiles for a moment I'm not sure why

Quick nip to the toilet to straighten my tie.


The afternoon passes without a disruption

My system of business in orderly function

My boss asks to see me regarding tomorrow

Another department short staffed asked my borrow.


My happiness shattered my system destroyed

Haphazard disruption my efforts devoid

Who'd complete all the tasks I must leave behind?

To clear up another fool's mess undermined.


Accepting instruction a day in toil hell

Tidier contraption by day's end work knell

Swift escape to homestead a peaceful domain

Detox with a soda and matching jewels game.


A life of comfort in trails of the known

I’m fine until something removes me from zone

It must have been new once and felt rather odd

To others I must seem a right awkward sod.


© Simon Mack 2014

Simon Mack's comments: Autism & the gift of life form it delivers described here in this brief poetic story. A misunderstood condition that brings solace & comfort in means valid yet away from the tracks of the many.

A1 | An poem of autism by writer Simon Mack

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