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Ball: A Metaphoric Poem

Updated: Feb 16



A Golden ball orbits my head

Revolving at a steady pace


Glistening in the high noon sun

Why question the orb's existence?


Gawping at me



Making conclusions offering explanation with scientific justification

Who is this being with ball revolving?


I know why it's here

It's the guardian

The protector

Overseeing actions

Dissuading from evil

Insuring good

A spherical guide via destiny to fate

My father





Golden master never leave me in the decrepit hands of evil

Forever banish the Dark quadrangle

Keep me sane.


© Simon Mack 1987

Simon Mack's comments:

We all talk to ourselves, and than mechanism keeps us in check whilst also pushing the boundaries of sane decision. That relationship is in discussion here in a poem from long ago.... but I'm still talking!

Ball | A metaphoric poem by writer Simon Mack

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