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Goodbye: A Poem of the darkness

Updated: Feb 16

I just glimpsed the end

Not far off around the bend

 A few kinks in the track.... between here and the edge

A long sweeping curve.... with no safe bets to hedge.


A failure am I in all that I try

A lonely course plotted... with no time to cry

 Self pity no point soon out of this joint

For those who just knew... I won't disappoint.


To about I am sorry.... this mess is your quarry

I did try my best to avoid pointless folly

 My place on in this land did not go as planned

And so in great shame it's best if I'm canned.



Simon's comments:

Observances of those who sail into the darkness can be alarming. We all waft out of the light at times, and this 'angle' on thoughts of the end reflects on those times when worth can be fleeting.

Goodbye | A poem of ending by Simon Mack

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