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'Keep In' A Poem of Boundaries

Updated: Feb 16

What if we all leave a decisive trail of destruction in our wake?

And what if that's an inadvertent construction of our own mind's boundary?

What is right? ... What's 'OK'?

And who is to say that your 'OK' is another's pain or anger?

Who's picking the referee?

Are the red lines we imagine in our own mind's the creation of our own experiences?

Maybe the tolerances of our own family and friends portray a role?

Or does our own mind wildly ramble and rummage through the dense foliage of life until it finds our very own barbed wire fences?

And what is it beyond that rusty fear laden mesh that tells us no more?

Yet your 'no more' may be way past my 'too far'.... yet will you care or just keeping hacking down the bush on your own self centred self compass justified path bound for your own extremities?

Am I even making sense here?

May you rest well and deep within your very own boundaries of comfort.

And may you also take the time and consideration as you roam to respect the fences of others... and "KEEP IN".

Simon's Comments:

Exploring the edges of our being is a journey of self exploration laced with peril, regret & mistake. Who keeps us within the borders of our own sanity? Are all our extremities different?

Keep in | A poem on life boundaries by writer Simon Mack

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