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Ode to Life: A Poem...

Updated: Feb 16

What we build in a lifetime can be destroyed in a minute

Watch what you say acknowledge your limit

Take breath and give pause when a fork in the road nears

Choose left or right wisely and avoid hindsight tears

This life comes but once opportunity fleeting

Embrace what feels right with a smile and warm greeting

Trust in your instincts and keep your mind clear

Be open to opinion but don't believe all your hear

Set yourself goals don't make them dreamed notions

Specific stepped targets will keep you in motion

Be polite to all others show respect give warmth

Draw those good beside you and those not wide berth

Life is a journey destinations your choice

A long road that may scar you keep positive voice.

Simon Mack © 2013

Simon Mack comments:

This piece delivers a positive message that implores a positive & respect approach to life.

We only get one 'pass'.... be thoughtful of others and don't leave regret behind.

Ode to Lide | A poem of positivity in life by writer Simon Mack

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