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Unique: A poem of the misunderstood

Updated: Feb 16

So many words so much disdain

An ocean of opinion a continent of blame

An artwork each day we refine in grace

Or deface its beauty in decency’s face.


Our tapestry woven of thread understood

In pattern at times a shape of falsehood

I didn’t dream ugly here is anyway

To beautify toiling no contest affray.


Life’s dealer spins random card’s fate

Don’t hate the messenger with hand self-create

Sometimes a ‘shitter’ not of your own make

Double drop kick ... let’s ‘run’… make quick break.


Bad news a sobering reality

Sunny day people… “remind.. who was he??”

Mind ever sharp heart ever true

Enact grace in silence to all those without clue.


A trip without rule-book boundless in toil

Displays of dignity’s internal boil

No merit of wallow no allure in ‘out loud’

In secret its spoken away from the ‘crowd.’


Moral’s fickle sideshow a futile display

In face of opinion with ears single sway

Dealer left me hanging but this I have learnt

For here is what matters and valued once burnt…


Don’t be judge and jury if you can’t listen first

Comprehend all angles pre opinion’s starburst

Not everyone’s life is as lucky as yours

Amidst your loudened revel recall lost shipwrecked shores.


Not everyone hopes and likes just as you

Just wish those who bother comprehend and are true

For the rest don’t worry for inside you know

Their words may be poison but their heart false hollow.


To ponder on wrong to toxin your time

Focus on what’s good the rest tune out chime

If there are no plusses then chop out the dross

Smile’s satisfaction turns windows semi-gloss.


For if they are true they’ll show it with care

And if they’re not they were never really there

The ignorant twirl pointless position in game

But you can’t even see them beyond meaningful frame.


Adversity’s focus sharper than a sword

Those who swing slicing shape fool’s discord

Minds bent under pressure conformity’s run

On your path step proudly… head high unique one.

Simon Mack © 2019

Simon's comments:

Life can make you unique is so many ways, and however that comes about give thanks and step proudly forward as who you are. No matter whatever the adversity revel in the beauty of yourself, and grasp close around you those who have the good grace to take time to understand & care.

Unique | A poem of learning to love yourself by writer Simon Mack

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