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Goodbye: Words of Lost Innocence

Updated: Feb 16

When life has taken you to destinations stamped 'serious'.

When it's dragged you to gaze on vistas that you could never imagine...

Those deeply troubling havens where you can literally hear the shattering of past innocence all around in your mind.

You are and never will ever be the same again... It's gone.. goodbye!!

And whilst you smile and accept those around in their less austere abandon

Those of a wilder hue can be dismissive of your nature and show disregard for your journey to this abode of serene gravity.

For he who casts the stone of query may not comprehend but regardless should they not be tolerant of all hues in demeanour?

Just because before you now stands an individual who has lived with the great bearing weight in witness to the screaming of a thousand helpless souls it might not always been that way!

They too may have once been free of concern or maybe even in a state on impulse not yet ready to face their demons.

Life will paint you and sometimes you can wash it clean away

Other occasions leave a stain indelible

No matter how hard you rub it just ain't coming off....


Once you have peered into those deep black open dark doors and been commanded to enter rooms no soul might conjure you do not return to the light the same

Forgive those who deal with their voyage a different way to you.

Not all mask their pain with a bright shiny face and an obliterate at all costs disposition

No matter how much of a frolic that avoidance might be

How much fun it appears you are having at the time

Calm breeds opportunity for thought

Whilst the fog of the chaos and wild abandon might delay

Sooner or later the calm comes to us all.

Is it not the right of every man woman and child to live their life in a manner that makes them even a teeny bit happy or in a place of peace?

May you all find peace in your own unique way, however long or damaging the journey there might have to be

I understand my lot

I and am at peace with every dark dingy stank hovel I may have been restlessly dragged through

No need for the chaos here anymore... I enjoy the calm.

Simon's comments:

Life leads to experience & interaction, and those exchanges leave their mark. Acceptance of your evolution can be painful if life has left scars. Finding peace within a precious gift.

Goodbye | Simon Mack writer's words on lost innocence.

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